Latest King’s Raid Tier List

The work of this tier list is depending on where you are going to use it. But the profits of having this tier are commendable and not ignorable. The tier list has been divided into seven categories which are known as 7 classes in the game –

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  • Warriors
  • Knights
  • Archers
  • Assassins
  • Wizards
  • Mechanics
  • Priests

List of Kings Raid Tier List 

the following king’s raid tier list will be very useful to who are searching for the king’s raid game guide.

King's raid tier list latest

For best archers PVP

S Tier – Yuria, requina

C Tier – Selene, Yanne

A Tier – Dimael, Zafie

B Tier – Luna, Arch and Shamilla

King’s Raid 0 for Best knights PvE

S Tier – Loman, Clause, Glenwys and Neraxis

B tier – Aselica, Demia, Morrah

A Tier – Jane, Phillop, Sonia

Kings Raid – Best Mechanics for PvE

S Tier- Chrisha, Annette, Cecilia

C Tier – Crow, Mitra, Rodina

King’s raid – Best wizards for PvE –

S Tier – Nyx, Artemia, Cleo

A Tier – Maria, Pavel, Aisha, Esker

B Tier – Lilia, Lorraine, Ophelia

C tier – Lewisia, Veronica

NOTE – This is to notify those who are an avid player of this game

  • By using the SEARCH FUNCTION on your browser or at the table that would help you so much!
  • Here, CRs and Labs are not implemented and some of the heroes who have earned bad rating they must have excelled.
  • When it comes to its Arena specific: Team comps worth more than ranks (note: it is not for the strength)
  • The tier list is based on 1* 2* UWs. The characters marked with a * increase their rating even much more drastically if comparing it with higher UW.
  • Several of the units are not the top tier list.
  • The table of the tier list would be optimized to be used on mobile devices. Although, but if someone is looking for the best visibility one can go for the table on the desktop.
  • One must even know how to use the tiers for getting the result.

Some tips and advice for the beginner 

  • Rubies – In-game currency (premium)
  • Enchant – the process of adding a certain dragon’s gear stats to your gear
  • Awaken – the process of increasing the stars on your gear
  • Gold – standard currency
  • Infinity Stones – resources for transcending
  • Fragments – Resources for upgrading your heroes
  • PD – Poison dragon
  • BD- black Dragon
  • RD/FD – red dragon/ Fire dragon
  • S1 – skill 1
  • S2 – Skill 2
  • S3 – skill 3
  • S4 – Skill 4
  • ToC – Tower of challenge
  • ToO – Tower of Ordeals
  • TC – transcend
  • UD – Upper – Dungeon – the place where one can get fragments
  • UW- Unique weapon
  • Stockade – a place where one would get skill books for upgrading hero skills

NOTE: the Meta in the game is always shifting. Here, in this game almost all the heroes are viable and starting units include. On the other hand, one may even use Meta heroes at your own risk.

Plus there are even various hero investments which are needed in the game. Every hero is different in the game so the pros and cons are also different. While playing the game keep these small things in mind to win at maximum.

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