Texting Simulator Codes

Today here we’ve mentioned all working Texting Simulator Codes here. With them, you’ll easily grab free coins, diamonds, coins, and lots more. Especially, here we mentioned all working Texting Simulator Codes. So try all of those given codes in your game for amazing free rewards. Especially, here we verified every code. and that we make sure that each one of those codes works 100%…

If you’re a lover of the Roblox Texting Simulator, here we bring you the news that you simply will love. In HDGamers we’ve prepared an entire list with all the Texting Simulator codes, which can surely assist you to get the simplest rewards within the game.

How to Redeem Texting Simulator Codes

In the event that you simply still don’t know alright the way to redeem your codes in Texting Simulator, here may be an article during which the procedure to get the rewards you’re trying to find is explained clearly and simply.

Texting Simulator Codes– Gameplay

Texting Simulator possesses awesome gameplay. Noobs are given with ancient Nokia phones then you’ve got to start out sending the texts from it. The game contains virtual currencies like $ and diamonds. you’ll then purchase emoji’s, new phones and much of cool things using that cash. The more you text the extra money you get. Simple! And another thing, the texts per click capacity vary from phone to phone so confirm to urge good phone after earning some money.

Roblox Testing SImulator codes

  • FREEEGG: get 500 diamonds
  • ephonepro: get 1,000 cash
  • Spookytime: get 1,000 cash
  • HACKER: get 250 diamonds and  500 cash
  • beatsheadphones: get 250 diamonds and also 500 cash
  • 100K: get 100 diamonds and also 1,000 cash
  • gamingstation:get 1,000 cash also
  • rainbowpods: get 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins
  • GrinningEmoji: get 1,000 cash
  • TextingLord: get 1,000 cash also
  • Emoji: get 1,000 cash also
  • SoreThumbs: get 1,000 cash also
  • Wireless: get 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins
  • Air: get 250 diamonds, 500 cash and also 50 coins also

Texting Simulator may be a game created by a Roblox group named Kaisus. this is often a wiki that anyone can edit, add new pages, edit pages, and more, if you are doing tons of editing I’ll offer you a rank but don’t invite it

Texting Simulator may be a game where you’ll click to text, then sell your texts to urge money which you’ll use to shop for better phones or tablets, there also are obbies to finish. Anyone can edit this wiki (except special pages like this one), so you’ll add stuff to the wiki.

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Final Words

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Play texting simulator on Roblox and show all of the codes for the new update and a few of the key phones for the Roblox update, with these codes you’ll get tons of texts and money and diamonds, thanks for watching this Roblox gameplay.

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