Zombie Strike Codes

The most updated list of keys for large quantities of gold is available on our Zombie Strike code page. This is a fast and straightforward way to gain cash and things so that you can easily break hordes of zombies. We refresh the list regularly, so all current Zombie Strike Keys are available.

Full list Zombie Strike codes

All keys created by Kampfkarren and Megahammer for the Roblox game

Valid Codes

Current CS 1.6, CS: S, Ruddev Battle Royale and Dwarf Fortress based play, with redeemable promo codes:

  • COOL: Save this code and reward 10,000 G
  • trans rights: Save this key and get 10,000 G as a bonus
  • zombie: Redeem this code and get a bonus of 10,000 G
  • goblin: Save this key and get 10,000 G as a bonus
  • EVIL: Save this key and get 10,000 G as a bonus
  • STRIKE: Save this key and get 10,000 G as a bonus

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Zombie Strike

The Good Ape group released the Zombie Strike game on the Roblox game platform. You can find game information and statistics here. 1,104 Like 8/30/2019 Max Players 40 Genre Adventure Patch 12/1,2019 Max Players 40 Genre Adventures 361.3K+ Made 8/20/2019 Though Roblox has only recently been published, it is one of the most popular games. Statistics show that more famous games will take place in the future.

Codes for zombie strike – redeeming process

You will check the shiny blue Twitter button to insert Zombie Strike keys on the right side of the show to get free money.

Copy and paste one of the codes below in the “Enter Code” area of the game. Hit the Send button and get some Gold for yourself! You will progress to the first level if you first join keys. If you’re first in this match.


You can go to the zombie strike site and hit play if you want to try out this game. This is a kind of action game for shooting. At the end of the stage, you’ll battle zombies and then beat the boss. You can win gold and a few new items each time you complete a level. You can also complete quests to earn you premium currency minds!

Final Words

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